About Us

About Us

Tabriz Regiment Company was started in 1348 by the great founder Mr. Hassan Kasbakar in Tabriz (under the name of Business Bowel Cleaning). In 1986, the company expanded its scope of activities and sorting and exporting products became one of the main activities of the company.

Start exporting

With the expansion of more than one trade in the world and the inevitable need of the country to get rid of the company's oil exports in 1997 to align with these global developments and easier and faster access to global markets and to achieve the desired goals and economic development of the country. With its emphasis on exporting, it established its first branch in Tehran under the management of Mr. Morteza Kasabkar and set its main target markets in Central Asian countries. In Tehran and Tabriz, especially the tireless efforts of the esteemed management of the company, Mr. Morteza Kesabkar, succeeded in penetrating the market of Central Asian countries.

Export to Europe

In 2003, in order to achieve more of its goals and with a firm belief in the liberation of the country from the mono-product economy, the company has made great efforts to play a decisive role in non-oil exports and despite many problems and difficulties to penetrate the market of European countries. And choose the brand of "Tabriz Hong" and the mark of ITK for yourself.

Now Tabriz Hank Company

Now Tabriz Company, after 40 years of practical experience in processing and exporting sheep and cow intestines, after many ups and downs in this direction, today as an entrepreneur by employing experienced manpower, advanced equipment, having The best technical information, dedicated production units and equipped cold stores, even in critical conditions and animal diseases, have the ability to export to Europe.

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