What are the benefits of beef and cow intestine?

روده دام چه خواصی دارد؟
June 12, 2021
آیا پوشش روده ی طبیعی دام برای سوسیس فوایدی دارد؟
June 28, 2021

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Intestine is a part of animal body which is edible and allowed to eat in many countries. The cow intestine is used in sausage casing and are financially beneficent. Let’s get some information about this intestines:


From thousands years ago the cow and sheep meat has been used as food and along with them their intestine is used for food too. Many years ago intestines were used for making arrows and bows used in war or other purposes. In history of Iran there has been a career called (zehtabi) which means cleaning and preparing the intestines. The cow and sheep intestines are very flexible, that’s why they are used in music cords, whip and other related thing.

The intestine plays huge roll in digestion process in mentioned animals, and despite other animals they are not thrown away after animal’s death, but they are used widely. Which we will cover their usage in forward.

Sheep and cow meat are great source of protein for everyone, their meat contains vitamin B12, iron, zinc, phosphorus and calcium. Which prevent Osteoporosis and anomia and meanwhile increases your body immune. Because of containing many protein and nutrients maybe the price of meat be high in some countries but using intestine can cost less. After slaughtering these animals most parts of their body, including head – legs and guts etc. are used and by using special parts of intestine many delicious foods are cooked in Iran and middle east countries.

The benefits of sheep intestine:

These intestine has many medical usages including in preventing and treatment of diseases. Recently due to global researches the practical effect of sheep intestine has been proved.

In case of buying or slaughtering alive sheep, beside using its fresh meat you can use its other parts such as liver, tripe etc. due to high demands for intestine you can buy them separately (clean and prepared) from specific related stores.

The history of using sheep intestine: using intestine of cow and sheep has been increased recently, due to that some people are following this job professionally, and some shops are dedicated to them discretely. In this job which is called (zehtabi) in Persian, the quality and cleanness are the primary and main factors.

Bear in mind that the quality of intestine of sheep from different areas including tropical and arctic are different. And remember that the quality of intestine of arctic sheep is better than tropical one, and totally, the intestine quality of sheep is far way better than goat.

The main usage of cow and sheep intestine:

  • Used in process of producing sausage and related fast food (the most famous fast food)
  • Vocal cord for violin and other musical instruments
  • Sport stuff such as tennis rocket
  • Producing tire
  • Camping tent
  • Surgery stitch
  • Producing bow and arrow
  • Strong straps

Using in sausage casing:

Due to rapidly increasing population rate and shortage of food, the foods which were ignored in the past, now are in attention and one of them is sausage which has been used widely all over the world.

Intestine is used for containing the sausage mixture and it is favorite because it gives great taste and sensation to the cooked food.

Edible and non-edible intestine have different usages:

Edible parts are used for sausage casing or using in food, but no edibles are used for formerly mentioned usages.

Iran is the best country in export of cow and sheep intestine.

“Zehtabi” profession is a traditional career in Iran which has been continued strongly till to presence.

Beside to eats food usage, it has been used in producing stitching threads and many countries are competing with each other to gain the market.

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