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The largest natural intestinal processing complex for cattle and sheep in Iran

The Largest Complex for Producing Natural Beef & Sheep Casing in Iran
E.C Code : 72033
The Greatest Exporter of Natural Beef & Sheep Casing in Iran
Holding the HACCP Standard
Top exporter in 2009


The best sorters of the company classify the intestines in terms of caliber in the sheep part from 16 to 28 mm and in the cow part from 37 to 50 mm in 3 quality levels and sort (sort) and transfer each caliber to the next part in a special container.


In this part, each caliber is closed by a meter of wood at 91 meters or 100 yards and in the form of a regiment. Also, in the part of the colored ring for each caliber, which is a conventional and international color, it is attached to the intestine and delivered to the next part.

Quality Control

Each caliber and grade is checked by the relevant foreman at a rate of 10%. In case of problems, it is referred to the relevant sorter, otherwise it is delivered to the next part

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Tabriz Hang Co., Hasanak, Varamin Rd., Tehran, Iran
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